Have Your Metal Joining Processes Kept Pace With New Energy Vehicles?

In the first half of 2022, the trend of the new energy vehicle industry continued to move upward despite the recurring domestic epidemic. According to statistics, the number of newly registered new energy vehicles reached 2.209 million in the first half of the year, a record high. Notably, new energy vehicle new registrations accounted for 19.9% of new vehicle registrations, meaning that one out of every five consumers who bought a car chose a new energy vehicle. The new energy vehicle segment is bound to become the home of the automotive industry in the future.

The demand side is increasing, and the supply side is also increasing the supply. New energy vehicle industrial park projects are landing all over the country, leading new energy vehicle enterprises to gather and lay out. Demand and supply, as two major forces in the market, reflect the development status of the industry while also challenging every enterprise closely related to the auto industry. To take off in the wind of new energy, every step taken in car production, quality assurance, marketing, service and operation should be carefully examined.

In the automotive industry, metal connection is a key link in the manufacture of automotive parts and body, playing a special role in the connection of two, the car body, engine and transmission can not be separated from the application of metal connection technology. In the "steel structure" based on the processing of metal connections in the car body, automotive welding and different from the requirements of other products metal connections.

Many models of automotive products, complex forming structure, parts production specialization, standardization and automotive manufacturing in terms of quality, efficiency and cost and other comprehensive requirements, all determine the processing of automotive metal connections is a multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and technically integrated production process. The continuous innovation and refinement of the metal joining process is particularly important for the development and growth of the automotive industry.

Today Heron would like to share with you a new metal riveting process -FSPR process.

FSPR process is to automatically feed the special rivet into the riveting material through the special riveting equipment, and during the stamping process, the part of the parent material to be connected is punched and discharged through the rivet, and then a reliable connection is formed through the lower die after extrusion around the rivet.

(1)Process effect

The workpiece connected by metal through FSPR process is well formed and can be used for appearance parts, the rivet head can be pre-painted or plated, and there is no convex package after the riveting is completed; the welding effect is firm, strong and stable against shear and tensile force; the rust resistance is strong, and the longest can pass the salt spray test for 480 hours.

(2) Scope of application

FSPR technology can be applied to a wide range of special materials (such as high strength aluminum alloy, hot formed steel, carbon fiber), can achieve multi-layer riveting, the maximum total thickness of 9.1mm.

(3) Process advantages

Punching and riveting are done at one time, no pre-punched riveting holes are needed.

Automatic nail supply by blow-feed or bullet-clamp, fast riveting beat and high efficiency.

The ductility of the material can be adapted to a wide range, FSPR can be applied to materials with less than 10% ductility.

The FSPR will not slip due to uneven material thickness, which can affect the strength.

It is possible to visually determine whether the rivet is abnormal and whether the connection is acceptable.

FSPR is a compression molded material and does not crack after riveting.

At present, Heron has also developed a series of products for the practical application of FSPR process, further product information and process details are welcome to contact us for communication!


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