How to miniaturize resistance welding equipment?

Resistance welding equipment has the characteristics of small size, light weight, controllable cost, wide output current range, and is not prone to electrical corrosion. It is suitable for various welding operations in the electronics industry and microelectronics industry. How to achieve miniaturization Woolen cloth.

Variable frequency resistance welding equipment includes a welding head, a host with a low-voltage power circuit and a machine head with a pressure control device. Its characteristics are: the host includes a zero-crossing detection circuit, an AC-DC rectifier circuit, and a DC-AC bridge inverter circuit. , pulse number preset circuit, thyristor voltage regulating circuit, inverter voltage preset circuit, bridge drive circuit and thyristor drive circuit.

The frequency conversion technology of resistance welding equipment has a high energy-saving effect. For example, compared with low-frequency equipment, it can reduce power consumption. The same weight transformer can output more and more energy, which is convenient for use with large automatic welding clamps and is suitable for welding thicker materials. Workpieces and highly conductive metals. In secondary circuits with large opening areas, interference can be reduced. When the welding current is DC and there are inductive/magnetic materials in the grade winding, welding has no effect.

In semi-automatic devices, the variable frequency spot welding machine can replace the low-frequency transformer, reducing the need for parallel connection of the secondary circuits. If the integrated manual welding clamp weighs 80 to 90 kilograms, it is also suitable for this type of transformer, such as the production of small cars. Or manufacture small test equipment to improve power factor and reduce costs

How to miniaturize resistance welding equipment?

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