How to protect yourself when welding?

The welding industry is not only hard work, but also has certain risks. It is very necessary for welders to pay attention to protecting their eye health.

1. Welders must wear welding masks when working

Welders must wear welding masks or filters. At the same time, the masks used must be in good condition and must not have gaps or cracks to prevent arc light from entering. In addition, masks with a curved front should be used instead of straight ones. , because the former reduces the amount of welding smoke entering the welder's breathing zone. It is usually recommended to use lighter weight fiberglass masks, while the new nylon welding mask is lighter and more and more popular with welders. The welding mask can also be connected to a hard Quality safety helmets are used in hazardous situations in industry and construction.

2. Welders need to wear filters when working

There is a filter fixing clip on the welding mask, which is used to install the protective plate and filter glass or filter plate. All filters or filter plates can transmit a certain intensity of light and filter out a part of the arc light. The function of the mask filter The filter coefficient should be selected according to the welding current. A protective plate should be installed on the outside of the filter glass to protect the filter glass from being damaged by splashing particles. The protective plate is generally a glass plate or a plastic plate. A magnifying glass can also be installed behind the filter plate. It is used to observe the molten pool more clearly, and the filter glass should have enough toughness to prevent it from breaking after being hit by flying objects.

3. Welders need to wear protective clothing when working

It is mainly to prevent the sparks generated during welding from burning the facial skin, and at the same time reduce the irritation of the eyes by the strong light produced. Spectral analysis of arc light shows that the intensity of its ultraviolet rays is very large, and this ray is harmful to human skin. , especially the eyes, is very harmful. For the eyes, it can burn the fundus of the eyes and cause blindness. At the same time, its penetrating power and thermal effect are also very strong, and it can burn the skin through ordinary clothes. Therefore, in addition to wearing a mask , you should also wear protective clothing.

4. Site protection must also be done well

When welding something, whether it is cold weather or hot weather, when there is no wind in the air, you should turn on the fan. People should not solder things in the wind. This is not only to prevent the inhalation of toxic gases, but also to prevent the toxic gases from getting into the eyes. This should not be underestimated. It is harmful to the eyes. When welding stainless steel parts or welding things with stainless steel electrodes, when the welding parts are not completely cooled, do not inspect the weld at close range without any eye protection, because there may be welding slag splashing. the possibility of eyes

How to protect yourself when welding?

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