What are the lateral swing modes of the welding gun?

In many cases, in order to obtain a wider weld bead or ensure good fusion on both sides of the groove, it is necessary to perform a small lateral swing of the welding gun. The swing frequency and amplitude are based on the principle of not destroying the protective effect of the molten pool. There are three commonly used swing forms Types: R-shaped swing, arc zigzag swing and arc zigzag sideways swing.

1.R-shaped swing

The lateral swing trajectory of the welding gun is approximately R-shaped. This method is mainly used for butt joints of unequal thickness plates. During welding, the welding gun makes an R-shaped movement while making the arc slightly bias toward the thick plate and causing the arc to move along the thick plate. Move one side slower or make a proper stop to control the melting degree on both sides to prevent the thin plate from burning through and the thick plate from not being welded through.

2. Arc zigzag swing

As the name suggests, the movement trajectory of the welding gun is in an approximate arc zigzag shape. This method is suitable for large T-shaped joints, lap joints of thick plates and butt joints of medium and thick plates with grooves. When welding, the welding gun moves on both sides of the weld. Slow down or stay for a while, and the movement speed can be appropriately accelerated when passing through the center of the weld, so as to obtain a well-formed weld.

3. Arc zigzag side-shifting swing

The movement trajectory of the welding gun is arc-shaped, and moves forward in an oblique zigzag shape. This method is mainly used for uneven corner joints. During operation, the welding gun is biased towards the protruding part, and the welding gun makes a zigzag lateral movement in an arc. Increase the residence time of the arc in the protruding part to melt the protruding part, and add no or less filler wire. When the welding gun swings, the fed wire also needs to swing, and the swing amplitudes of the two should be consistent.

What are the lateral swing modes of the welding gun?

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