What are the precautions for using butt welding machine?

Before using the butt welding machine, first check whether the rated voltage of the winding matches the power supply voltage (whether it is 380V or 220V), and check whether the wiring on the terminal board is correct.

If the butt welding machine is put into operation for the first time or has been out of service for a long time, the insulation resistance between each winding pair and the core should be measured with a 500V megohmmeter before use, which should not be less than 0.5M.

The nuts, copper lugs and wires on the primary and secondary side terminal boards of the butt welding machine must be in close and reliable contact. If the contact is not good, the bolts, nuts and lugs will burn. Therefore, after the welding machine has been running for a period of time, , use fine emery cloth to clean the oxide layer on each contact surface, and then tighten the bolts. The butt welding machine should avoid long-term short circuit between the welding rod and the welding part to prevent burning the welding machine.

The working area of the butt welding machine should be kept dry and well ventilated. When moving the welding machine, the power supply should be cut off. Do not move the welding machine by dragging the cable. If there is a sudden power outage during welding, the power supply should be cut off. If multiple butt welding machines are needed at the same time To carry out work, the welding machine should be evenly tapped on the three-phase power to balance the three-phase load.

The shell of the butt welding machine must be grounded, and a separate wire should be connected to the grounding trunk. When multiple welding machines are connected to a grounding device, a parallel connection method must be used, and series connection is prohibited. The grounding wire must not be removed at will before the welding work is completed. .

The butt welding machine cannot work in high humidity (relative humidity exceeding 90%), high temperature (above 40C), or non-ventilated situations. It should be kept away from flammable and explosive items. The welding machine should be placed stably and avoid violent vibrations and Knock it to avoid damaging the performance of the reactor and preventing the welding machine from working properly. The welding machine should be kept clean and dry, and cleaned regularly with low-pressure dry compressed air.

If a butt welding machine fails to arc, the winding overheats, the welding current cannot be adjusted, the welding machine vibrates or makes too much noise, etc., the machine should be stopped in time, the cause should be found, and maintenance should be carried out.

What are the precautions for using butt welding machine?

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