What should we pay attention to during the welding process of spot welding machine?

While the spot welding machine is welding, it is necessary to understand its testing cycle and testing items clearly. Only in this way can the service life of the spot welding machine be extended and the stability of the welding quality ensured.

1. Electric welding current waveform or current

Domestic regulations stipulate that the current waveform should be measured once a month to determine the stability, adjustability and changes in the use of the welding current. Foreign advanced technical standards stipulate that when the machine is qualified, it should be based on the standard waveform of the welding current. Figure, comparison basis for checking welding current every month to determine whether the equipment is working properly.

2.Welding pressure

When the machine is being used for inspection, establish a correlation curve between the electrode pressure and the cylinder compressed air indicating pressure. Check the electrode pressure and comparison regularly. The clamping force and top pressure of the welding machine must be checked regularly.

3. Secondary loop resistance

The main part of the secondary loop resistance is the resistance of each contact in the loop. Changes in resistance value cause fluctuations in the welding current, and the allowable values vary with different standards.

4. Time

The time of each step in the fracture welding cycle (usually calculated by the number of cycles), especially the correctness of the times of pre-pressure, welding, tempering, relief, forging, burning, etc., directly affects the welding quality, which can be eliminated immediately through regular inspections. The difference between the measured value of time and the indicated value of the adjustment handle ensures the normality of the welding process.

5. Real-time detection

When welding important batches of products, it is necessary to use a secondary current measuring instrument and a cycle measuring instrument in conjunction with a printer to measure all the solder joints of a certain weldment in real time to determine the stability of the machine and the reliability of the welding points. sex

What should we pay attention to during the welding process of spot welding machine?

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