Maintenance points of butt welding machine

Butt welding machines should be maintained regularly, because proper maintenance will extend the service life of the equipment and maintain a permanent high production stage. So someone will definitely ask, how to do it? We only need to do the following five points to ensure the best welding effect.

1. Regularly inject lubricating oil into various parts of the machine and check the gaps between the moving parts; check whether the cooperation between the electrode and the electrode holding rod is normal and whether there is any water leakage; whether the solenoid valve works reliably; whether the water and gas pipelines are blocked; Check whether the electrical contacts are loose; whether the knobs in the control equipment are slipping; whether the components are desoldered or damaged.

2. The cooling water must not be clogged, because the machine will generate heat during operation, and the role of the cooling water is to cool down the electrodes, secondary circuits, transformers, thyristors, rectifiers and other power components to maintain proper operation. The welding machine is not high-temperature and can be used normally. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently check whether each branch waterway is smooth and clear the blocked waterway in a timely manner.

3. Regularly grind or replace new electrodes. The electrode is the part directly used on the workpiece during welding. It must have good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. However, as the number of solder joints increases, a layer of medium will gradually form on the electrode surface, and this If this medium is not ground in time, the resistance will increase, which is extremely detrimental to the welding quality. A file should be used to grind the electrode surface regularly.

4. Regularly use compressed air to blow away the dust inside the machine or the control box to avoid the accumulation of metal dust that may cause hidden dangers to the motherboard. The solenoid valve also needs to be cleaned and tested regularly. Failure of the air valve will cause serious welding instability.

5. Do a power check. This is an important step before operation. Sometimes electrical equipment may have leakage. Of course, our gas circuit system may also have leakage. Take precautions to ensure that our production can be safe. conduct

Maintenance points of butt welding machine

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