Three-Year Plan For Industry-Education Integrated Enterprise

In order to further promote and deepen the integration of industry-education and school-enterprise cooperation, give full play to the important role of enterprises in technology, skills training and human resources development, strengthen the leading role of enterprises in the integration of industry-education, the requirements of the three-year plan for the integration of industry-education, combined with the actual school-enterprise cooperation, scientific and reasonable planning, sound and standardized management system, solid and orderly promotion of the integration of industry-education projects, in the work of school-enterprise cooperation in innovation, active exploration, committed to do a good job of leading role, in order to seek a win-win situation for enterprises, schools, students and create greater contributions to society.

With years of rich experience, effectiveness and performance in school-enterprise cooperation, our company has been selected as the second batch of Guangdong Province's production-education integration enterprise construction cultivation in the list by local recommendation, strict expert evaluation and government public announcement.

1、 Development ideas

In the next three years, our company will further consolidate the achievements made in the past school-enterprise cooperation, make full use of various resources, focus on solving various difficulties and problems that restrict school-enterprise cooperation, actively explore the mode of school-enterprise in-depth integration, adhere to the school-enterprise cooperation policy, innovate the "cooperative schooling, cooperative education, cooperative employment, cooperative development". The school-enterprise cooperation mechanism and system should be closely coordinated, and efforts should be made to realize the in-depth school-enterprise cooperation relationship with talent sharing, equipment sharing, technology sharing, complementary school-enterprise culture and school-enterprise management, so as to improve the school's ability to run school and the market competitiveness and social influence of enterprises.

2、The choice of cooperation colleges and majors

Our company has been cooperating with Guangzhou Huaxia Vocational College, Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College, Guangzhou City Construction Technology College, Guangzhou Conghua District Senior Technical School, Guangdong Technical Teachers' University, South China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology and other institutions in recent years. Focus on cooperation with engineering majors such as mechatronics technology, electrical automation technology, industrial robotics, and intelligent control technology. We plan to continue to deepen cooperation in the future to achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation.

3、 Cooperation content and mode

(1) Through the cooperation of scientific research projects, academic exchange platform, mutual employment between school and enterprise, and teaching together, we can broaden the horizons of various talents in enterprises and promote the improvement of enterprises' self-development ability, so as to enhance the overall market competitiveness of enterprises.

(2) Through the "adult education" and "open education" modes in the school-enterprise cooperation, we encourage enterprise managers and technical backbone to participate in the school's continuing education training in related fields to improve their professionalism and academic level. We plan to train dozens of enterprise managers, technical backbones and skilled workers through the school's College of Continuing Education every year.

(3) Through school-enterprise cooperation, we will introduce more students with the right majors to enter the enterprises for internship and practical training, so that students can understand the job content, get familiar with the production equipment, master the basic vocational skills, and enhance the sense of corporate identity in advance, thus increasing the employment rate and the success rate of entrepreneurship. At the same time, it can shorten the training period and training cost for new employees, and alleviate the shortage of production personnel in enterprises.

(4) Jointly provide skills training and science education for veterans, hometown returnees, poor households and other entrepreneurial employment, and train a group of skilled agricultural professionals with high moral character and excellent skills, which are urgently needed by enterprises.

(5) Through school-enterprise cooperation to carry out a new type of apprenticeship work, to train a number of medium and high skilled personnel with craftsmanship for enterprises, in order to improve the applicability of enterprise talent, professionalism. At the same time to alleviate the ding a part of the company's job recruitment difficulties, difficult to employ the problem of labor.

4、Expected results

(1) Scientific research cooperation

With the help of scientific research faculty of universities, make full use of the existing laboratories, engineering technology centers and other platforms of both sides to carry out cooperation in the frontier of science and technology and technology demonstration and application, such as: joint declaration of national, provincial and local projects, joint development of new products and technologies and conquering the problems of products in production, etc.

(2) Academic exchange

By making use of the advantages of universities and enterprises in human resources, network technology, demonstration bases and training sites, we can conduct technical seminars and invite experts in related fields to share scientific and technological information, entrepreneurial experience and market dynamics, so as to better broaden our horizons and inspire our thinking. The forms of academic exchange can be various, such as academic seminars, academic symposiums, academic reports, and academic visits, lectures, visits and study tours.

(3) Double counseling on entrepreneurship and employment

Relying on the innovation ability, creativity ability and intensive knowledge resources of colleges and universities, we support college students' entrepreneurship according to the national policy guidance, and enterprises participate and provide support to college students' entrepreneurial entities in a multi-linked way. Through the cooperation between the university and enterprises, we provide the support platform for college students' entrepreneurship, and solve the problems of college entrepreneurial sites and financing. We collect and sort out the relevant preferential policies in various aspects, interpret and provide consultation, and help eligible college students to obtain corresponding policy support. In addition, we make use of the high-end talent output and intellectual output of colleges and universities to effectively alleviate the difficulties in recruitment and employment of companies, and provide internship positions and employment positions for the graduated groups.

(4) Vocational talent training

Deepen the reform of "management and service", accelerate the transformation of functions, combine vocational education with the implementation of "1+X" certificate system, vocational skills level certificate is the certificate of vocational skills level, is a necessary way for personal career development, enterprise skills personnel demand, use Vocational skills training in institutions can be introduced into enterprises to cultivate compound technical skills talents to meet market demand for the improvement of the skills of incumbent employees and their own development, so as to speed up the structural reform of the supply side of talents and make the cultivation of talents match with social demand.

(5) Science education practice

We will work together with higher education institutions, colleges and universities, social practice education bases for primary and secondary school students, and science education bases to carry out labor force and vocational education and enlightenment, improve students' cognition, skills, comprehensive literacy and practical ability, and do a good job in science popularization activities, so that more students can have in-depth experience from farming culture and modern information technology and understand the importance of knowledge and skills.

5、Guarantee measures

(1) Seek policy support

On the basis of a series of existing policies, actively seek government support for the formulation of relevant policies, establish a win-win long-term mechanism for enterprises and colleges, and cooperate to build a platform for the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation.

(2) Sound organizational structure

The university and enterprises jointly set up a leading group for the integration of industry-education and school-enterprise cooperation. By the main responsible comrades Zou Chunbao, Xue Yun as the leading group, deputy leader, the corresponding department heads as members of the working group. Under the leadership group, the office is responsible for the preparation, establishment, implementation and coordination of planning and management to ensure the smooth implementation of planning objectives and responsibilities.

(3) improve the system to ensure

Under the organization of the working leading group, research and formulate relevant regulations and systems to institutionalize and standardize the work related to the integration of industry-education and school-enterprise cooperation. The procedures, contents, schedule and use of funds of the work are clearly defined, and the tasks and responsible persons are specifically implemented in accordance with the requirements of the work planning and strictly in accordance with the progress of each stage. Make the work with system, plan, steps, inspection, records, rewards and punishments.

(4) Standardize the workflow

Further standardize the workflow of school-enterprise cooperation, improve the school-enterprise cooperation agreement, clarify the responsibilities of both schools and enterprises, regulate the behavior of both sides, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of students, enterprises and schools.

(5) Publicize the results

Widely publicize the achievements of school-enterprise cooperation and improve the influence of the integration of production and education. Through its own influence and popularity, the school will publicize information for enterprises in various media, cooperate with enterprises to implement various projects, and jointly cultivate new practical talents with "science and practice" to provide services for the society.

Summary: Heron attaches importance to talent cultivation, especially agrees with the general direction of national support for manufacturing industry and vocational education, and regards this opportunity as the spring of introducing talents into the company, so it vigorously promotes the integration of industry and education within the company, using the existing provincial technical center and provincial engineering center, laboratories and other platforms of the company, whether in terms of hardware preparation, or software cooperation, we make sufficient preparation and investment, and strive to To be a model enterprise of integration of production and education in resistance welding industry. We cherish the talents, professional craftsmen and technicians, and promote the spirit of craftsmanship. In addition to the talents we use to cultivate their professional and technical skills, we also have the obligation to inspire these students to focus on and love their work, and to contribute to the cultivation of talents for the resistance welding industry.

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