How to choose resistance welding equipment?

To understand how to choose resistance welding equipment, you must first understand the knowledge related to resistance welding in order to better select resistance welding equipment.

1. Spot welding

Spot welding refers to a resistance welding method that assembles welding parts into lap joints and presses them between two columnar electrodes, using resistance heat to melt the base metal to form solder joints. It is mainly used for thin plate welding.

2. Projection welding

Projection welding is a type of spot welding, but it is deformed. During projection welding, prefabricated bumps can be formed on one workpiece at a time. During projection welding, one prefabricated bump can be formed at the joint at a time. or multiple nuggets.

3. Seam welding

The process of seam welding is similar to spot welding, except that a rotating disc-shaped roller electrode is used instead of a cylindrical electrode. The weldment is assembled into a lap or butt joint and placed between the two roller electrodes. The roller pressurizes the weldment and rotates. A resistance welding method that supplies power continuously or intermittently to form a continuous weld. Seam welding is mainly used to weld structures with regular welds that require sealing. The plate thickness is generally less than 3mm.

4. Butt welding

Butt welding is divided into resistance butt welding and flash butt welding. It is mainly done by assembling the welding parts into butt joints, making the end faces in close or partial contact, using resistance heat to heat these contact points, cutting off the power and quickly applying upsetting force to complete the welding. method.

Resistance welding equipment:

According to the classification of resistance welding methods, resistance welding equipment can be divided into spot welding machines, projection welding machines, seam welding machines and butt welding machines. In addition, it can also be divided into single-phase power frequency welding machines, two-phase power frequency welding machines according to the energy supply mode. Sub-rectifier welding machine, three-phase low-frequency welding machine, energy storage welding machine and inverter welding machine. Based on the two classification methods, the current mainstream is the medium-frequency inverter spot welding machine, which is more efficient and energy-saving. , did a good job in cost control

How to choose resistance welding equipment?

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