Heron Archaeological Site has been Excavating "Fighters" for Over 20 Years!

"The machine was bought, back and required a small repair within three days, and a major repair within five days!"

"We have had to replace machines within a few years of purchasing them!"

"When I initially bought it, it was inexpensive, but it turns out that the cost of repairing it is quite high!"

In today's fast-paced business world, the rapid updating and iteration of products have become a significant factor in consumerism. Many equipment buyers have encountered various challenges when purchasing equipment.

As a leading provider of metal joining solutions, Heron firmly believes that the durability and longevity of our products are crucial indicators of their quality. These qualities serve as the foundation for gaining the long-term trust of our customers. Throughout the process of defining the concept of "durability," we have encountered numerous interesting stories.

Customer A's Loyalty Testimony: Trust Over Two Decades

Recently, a customer approached us with an old nameplate and expressed interest in purchasing new cylinders from our company.  Heron Archaeological Site has been Excavating Fighters for Over 20 Years! 1

Surprisingly, the nameplate displayed the labeled "HERON MACHINE & ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD," which was the name of our company over 20 years ago. This indicates that the customer has been using our equipment for two decades! It is remarkable that the equipment in the possession of customer A has been functioning for over 20 years, and the customer intends to replace the cylinder and continue using it. Based on the customer's feedback, this equipment has consistently maintained stable performance throughout its 20 years lifespan, providing a reliable guarantee for customer A's production.

Customer B's Comparative Experience: Quality Determines Choice

Heron Archaeological Site has been Excavating Fighters for Over 20 Years! 2

Heron Archaeological Site has been Excavating Fighters for Over 20 Years! 3

Customer B made a purchase of one of our machines 12 years ago, and it has been running smoothly without any major breakdowns. In order to enhance production capacity and achieve cost efficiency, Customer B decided to acquire a different machine from another company a few years ago. However, the newly acquired equipment started experiencing frequent issues shortly after it was put into use, causing significant disruptions to Customer B's production. Faced with this situation, Customer B reached out to us, expressing their interest in repurchasing our equipment. This experience has made Customer B realize the crucial importance of product quality, and over time, it has become evident that our products have also excelled in the highly competitive market.

Customer C's Astonishment: Unprecedented Product Quality

Last year, Client C in Italy experienced a devastating flood that affected their entire plant, including one of our machines that they were utilizing. Faced with this unforeseen catastrophe, Customer C anticipated that the equipment would be extensively damaged and would require significant repairs or even replacement. However, to their astonishment, when the floodwaters receded and Customer C thoroughly dried and restarted the equipment , it functioned flawlessly! This unexpected outcome led Customer C to highly commend the exceptional quality of our products and reinforced their determination to continue utilizing our products.

The passage of time serves as the most reliable testament. We are well aware that the durability and longevity of our products are pivotal factors that drive our customers to choose us. We meticulously manufacture each product with utmost craftsmanship, infusing the passion of our dedicated team at Heron. We are committed to maintaining our unwavering pursuit of product quality and delivering even superior products and services to our esteemed customers. We firmly believe that in the future, our products will continue to accompany every customer, enabling them to achieve even more remarkable accomplishments together! 

Behind the automobile production and sales, which have both exceeded 30 million, lies the emerging demand for the welding process!
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