What are the commonly used equipment for resistance welding?

1. Spot welding machine

The spot welding machine is composed of a machine base, a pressurizing mechanism, a welding circuit, an electrode, a transmission mechanism, a switch and a regulating device. The main parts are the pressurizing mechanism, the welding circuit and the control device.

Pressurizing mechanism: It is the mechanism responsible for pressurizing during resistance welding.

Welding circuit: The welding circuit refers to the conductive path composed of all parts that participate in the conduction of welding current except welding.

Control device: The control device is composed of two parts: switch and synchronous control. In spot welding, the function of the switch is to control the on and off of the current. The function of the synchronous control is to adjust the size of the welding current and accurately control the welding procedure. When the network voltage has It can automatically compensate for fluctuations.

2. Butt welding machine

The butt welding machine is composed of a frame, guide rails, fixed base plate and moving plate, feeding mechanism, clamping mechanism, fulcrum (top base), transformer, and control system. Its main parts are, the frame and guide rails, feeding Entering mechanism, clamping mechanism.

Frame and guide rails: All the basic components of the butt welding machine are fixed on the frame. The guide rails are used to ensure the reliable movement of the moving plate to feed the welding parts.

Feeding mechanism: The function of the feeding mechanism is to make the weldment move together with the moving plate and ensure the required upsetting force.

Clamping mechanism: The clamping mechanism consists of two clamps, one is fixed, called the fixed clamp, and the other is movable, called the movable clamp. The fixed clamp is installed directly on the frame, and the movable clamp is installed on the moving plate. up, and can move left and right with the movable board.

3. Resistance welding power supply

Resistance welding often uses a power frequency transformer as the power source, and the external characteristics of the resistance welding transformer adopt reduced external characteristics.

What are the commonly used equipment for resistance welding?

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